A definitive real estate CRM.

A leading solution in Icelandic real estate.

Be more visible

HomeEd is linked to all major Icelandic real estate websites, and displays your listings in a clear and tasteful fashion. All additional information, attachments and photos you put into HomeEd then syncs automatically with your ongoing property listings.

Simplify your work

HomeEd assists you in creating all necessary documents, contracts and offers based on given criteria. And to make things even safer, it also looks out for you by letting you know if your information doesn’t match or add up, saving a lot of time and effort.

Keep track of your deadlines

On your HomeEd dashboard you’ll find a useful calendar where you can see all of your meetings, open houses, deadlines, etc. so you’ll never lose track of your schedule.

Clear workflow

The biggest part of a real estate agent’s work begins when a bid has been accepted. Keep track of everything you have to do with an automatic and detailed checklist.

Maximize your efficiency

HomeEd offers detailed reports in a flash with useful statistics so you can review and optimise your agent’s of agency’s process.

Don’t limit yourself

HomeEd is available in Icelandic and English and is the only real estate CRM that offers automatically generated contracts of sale, bids and sales statements in English.

Satisfied users for 6 years!

See what some of our users have to say about HomeEd.

We’ve been using HomeEd since its release and have always been very happy with its functionality and service. It’s easy to use and has saved us a lot of time and money.

HomeEd is the most convenient real estate CRM I’ve used. It has everything you need in one place and everything is very easy to find. The calendar also helps me keep good track of all my meetings, viewings, contracts, etc. Everything relating to the creation of documents and contracts is also very easy and accessible in HomeEd. ...Lesa nánar

We at Domusnova have been using HomeEd for a few years and are really happy with its functionality and its constant development to ensure that our business is safe and efficient!

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