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Make your website a reality.

Accessible and easy

Even though WebEd is a versatile and extensive system its well designed interface speaks to professionals as well as those taking their first steps in web management.

Online shop included

Launching an online store is a breeze with WebEd. The system walks you through all the necessary steps and after that you can edit, expand, run and maintain your store with ease.

Elements for all occasions

WebEd features a variety of useful elements that can be added to your site, so your website can match your vision.

Additional units for all occasions

So that you can make your web site your own, WebEd offers no less than 20 customizable add-ons that are easy to add to the web.

A news element where you can easily add small articles to your website or schedule news to be published in the future. ImageEd
A simple photo gallery where all you have to do is upload the photos. The system will automatically detect the best resolution based on the photo’s size.
An extended version of NewsEd for longer and bigger articles. For example, it offers more photo customisations.
Here you can add and find information about your company’s staff, filtered by branches, departments or divisions.
With this element you can store and process information about users and clients signed up for your mailing list.
Creates a convenient forum where users can converse. You can create as many forum sections as you’d like.
Birtir lista af algengum spurningum og svörum. Fyrirtæki geta sett spurningar og svör beint inn á vefsíðu eða haldið utan um spurningar netverja til skoðunar fyrir vefstjóra.
A simple and useful calendar where users can click on a date and see all events happening at any given time.
With SurveyEd you can easily create polls or surveys for your users and customers to take part in. They can then see the results as soon as they’ve voted.
This easy-to-use element controls all ads on your website, if you choose to monetize your site.
With this clever element you don’t need any special skillset to run your website. LiveEd enables you to see your site as a regular user and simply edit it in that mode.
Allows you to lock one or all pages of your site, either with a password your users can receive or not.
An important tool to observe the traffic to your website: How many visitors are coming, where are the coming from and what are they doing?
This element manages all of your links and their settings. DocEd
Perfect for managing your uploaded documents & files such as Word, Excel, PDF, music or videos.
A thorough and convenient search engine that search for given words in all of your website’s pages.
With TemplateAd you can customise and edit the look and design of your website, without having know any HTML.
A simple help tool that assist the user in understanding various buttons, concepts and forms.
With this element you can display real estate listings from a specific Icelandic real estate agency.
LocaleEd allows you to add additional versions of your site in different languages.

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